Contemporary Wardrobe

Model NO: 0.000

From clothes and accessories to important files and jewellery, cupboards hold many essentials. Explore a stunning range of cupboard designs, thoughtfully crafted for all your bedroom storage needs.This walnut wardrobe is so smooth and finished that you would be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t wood at all. But here it does so much to help coordinate this room’s classic, contemporary design.A small bedroom that looks beautiful despite its simplicity. Look at how the wardrobe is designed wherein the handle seems to create a pattern.For most rooms, built-in wardrobes will offer the most efficient of storage space. As well as providing generous storage room, fitted wardrobe options will lend a sleek and uniform appearance to rooms of any proportion compared to freestanding small wardrobes. With built-in wardrobes, particularly modular storage styles, you also have the advantage of fitting it out internally (think drawer partitions, shoe racks, storage boxes, vacuum storage bags, tie racks etc.) while appearing totally discreet on the outside. Just bear in mind that fitted wardrobes will reduce the flexibility of the room and limit your ability to alter your layout later. Freestanding wardrobes, on the other hand, can add character and give you more flexibility for your space than a fitted wardrobe would. If you don’t have tons of clothes and accessories, one freestanding small wardrobe will probably do the trick. In a period home, the alcoves on either side of the chimney breast may as well have been made for wardrobes and bookcases, so make the most of them if you have them, whether that’s hiring a company to install a fitted wardrobe or finding one or two freestanding wardrobes to slot into the space.